Inspirations from Heaven’s Gate

My books are about beauty, hope and encouragement for the ordinary person.

“Words can be powerful creatures with an overpowering force all their own.”
― Lisa C. Miller, Inspirations from Heaven’s Gate

This may be a small book of poetry but do  let the size fool you. This book was written to reveal the beauty of life and the simplicity of Christ. Everyone needs beauty and peace in their life daily. This book will show you the treasure that you are to your friends and family. It will show how you are an important part of everything.

These may be small books but they will make a huge impact on your life as you read through the books and let them soak into your spirit. Everyone may use these books on a daily basis for strength for their journey.
These are books of poetry. Poetry reveals man’s flaws and his beauty so no one should miss this point about poetry but many do. These books were written for the lost, disconnected and brokenhearted souls of humanity. So they and everyone who reads these books can see a little beauty in the world today and be encouraged. These books reveal the beauty of life and the simplicity of God hopefully in an understandable way. These books will take you on a journey of such when you return you will be of stronger character. As you read this book it will reveal to you the treasure that you are. They will show you the importance of your life. You yes, you are very important to your circle of humanity. There are things only you are born to do and if you can’t or won’t do them they do not get done. We all have a role to play in society no matter how small. Let these books encourage you along the way. We all need help. We all need a hug once in a while so let this book be your hug from me to you. Poetry reveals man to himself. Don’t run away let the words soak into your soul and you will see a marked improvement on your life. Words can change you let them help you become a softer more comfortable human being. These books will help you piece your life together. Know that someone is counting on you being there. If you feel lost know there is a creator who is waiting for you to connect with Him. How do we make our lives count? By living in the small moments. We do not want to let time slip away from us. Let these books soak into you and help you improve your world.